Ditch the Shaker. Pulverize Your Protein.

✔️ Unleash Your Shake’s Potential – You’ll be surprised how much you’re missing. The GAINShake brings out the silky rich flavor you just can’t get from shaking.

✔️ Next Level Smooth – Impossibly smooth shakes and tastier drink mixes. The GAINShake can transform any powdered mix into a uniquely tasty drink.

✔️ Dishwasher Safe – The detachable blender motor twists off and stays mess free. Just wash the bottle!

✔️ Drop and Spill Proof – Don’t be the guy who spills his drink at the gym. The tight lid keeps liquid in, even if you knock it off the bench.

✔️ Perfect for Preworkout, Protein, Juices, etc. – Blend up any mix for an ultra-smooth texture and bigger taste.


Our Community

“I just bought one and it is so good. I use milk and put creatine and four scoops of protein powder. No clumps what so ever!”
Lewis E. 1/20/22

“I love the GAINShake, It’s easy to clean and it’s super powerful when u turn it on! I use this cup to blend my supergreens powder and collagen with water.”
John B. 11/7/21
“It’s not just a cup its a community of supportive people into fitness. Their support is helpful and responds quickly, and the TikTok gives out real tips besides just selling the cup.”
Alex E. 12/14/21

Shake Like This

Stop settling for chunky drinks. Imagine creating a divine mix of protein and water that tastes like milky vanilla bliss. Shakes not only blend better, they taste better! The GAINShake is a powerful and portable blender that mixes everything from protein shakes, pre-workout, and even your morning cup of coffee.

Cleans Easy

Washing a protein shaker sucks. That’s why GAINShake is dishwasher safe. Detach the base and put it on the top rack. Want to clean by hand? Just add a drop of soap and give it a whirl!

Spill Resistant

Don’t worry about being that guy who spills his drink at the gym. The tight cap keeps your drink in the bottle, even when dropped at heights.



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